Policy and Procedure Review

to support the reliability in your financial statements.

Streamline Company Processes

Implement Technology Solutions

to help better manage your business.


Monthly Financial Statement Preparation


Accounts Payable

Monthly Accounting

Delivering timely and accurate financial statements and back office accounting support.

Technology Solutions

Providing technology solutions to existing time-consuming processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Sugarcreek Consulting unique?

Sugarcreek’s menu of financial services provides the proper amount of each service without the costs of full-time staff.  We provide you with strategic analysis and information to help optimize and grow your business.   Together we will customize the service and service level your company needs.  You will be billed for only the time provided to perform the accounting, CFO support or financial services needed.

How does Sugarcreek Consulting work with my tax accountant?

Our firm will be the point of contact with your tax accountant, providing all the tax work papers and support needed to file your taxes.

What do you mean by Virtual? Will you only be available through email and phone?

While the majority of our work will be performed remotely, we will be available for live teleconferencing and on-site visits as needed.

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